ERF 17th Annual Conference

Download the conference agenda

The 17th Annual Conference of the Economic Research Forum (ERF) was held in Antalya, Turkey, March 20 –22, 2011. Invitees were engaged in research about the ERF region (the Arab countries, Iran and Turkey), whether they were affiliates of ERF or not.

Conference Objectives
Like previous ERF annual conferences, the 17th Annual Conference provided a unique opportunity for researchers from the region to interact with one another and with international researchers. It also provided a venue for the presentation of multiple research papers, both in the plenary and parallel sessions, followed by stimulating discussions and feedback. In addition, the conference featured special events, the presentation of selected research projects and celebrated excellence in research.

Main Theme and Sub-Themes
The theme of the plenary sessions was Politics and Economic Development. The themes of the parallel sessions were varied and broad to accommodate diverse research interests:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Finance
  • International Economics
  • Labor and Human Development
  • Microeconomic and Sectoral studies
  • Institutional Economics/Governance

Read more about the conference on the ERF website

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