ERF to Hold Workshops on Education, Labor Market Dynamics and the Use of Labor Market Panel Survey Data in MENA

The Economic Research Forum (ERF) is organizing three workshops on “Education in the ERF Region,” “Labor Market Dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa,” and “The Use of Labor Market Panel Survey Data” from July 26-28, 2015, at ERF’s premises in Cairo.

During the workshops, participants will discuss the first drafts of a number of papers covering various topics related to incentives to learn in MENA, spending on education, returns to education, student achievements and the role of socioeconomic backgrounds, labor market dynamics, dynamics of informalization and household enterprises, migration and data collection methods, migration and labor market performance, labor mobility and employment outcomes, female participation and family dynamics, and inequality of opportunity in MENA.

Over 25 participants are expected to join each workshop. During the workshops, each session will last for an hour and a half. Each speaker will have 20 minutes to present the paper, followed by 20 minutes for the discussants. The remaining time will be for open discussion, giving authors an excellent opportunity to receive feedback on their work from top researchers in the political economy field.

Education in the ERF Region Workshop Agenda

Labor Market Dynamics in MENA Workshop Agenda

The Use of LMPS Data Workshop Agenda

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