The Pulse of the Arab Streets

Three years into the transition following the political upheavals in the Arab world, the new rulers in several countries are facing daunting challenges. These include a difficult democratization process and deteriorating social and economic conditions. In most cases, there is little understanding about the ongoing transformations taking place in society, which complicate policy-making further.The Pulse of the Arab Streets workshop

In an attempt to address the above challenges; the Economic Research Forum (ERF); as an impartial regional network, has embarked upon carrying out a research project on “The pulse of the Arab Street: Understanding the Political Economy of the Arab Uprisings Using Novel Public Opinion Data” led by Dr. Ishac Diwan. This research program aims to study the various dimensions of the ongoing social, economic, and political transformations in Arab societies through its use of nationally-representative opinion surveys to examine developments and transformations on the “Arab street” through the eyes and voices of the most relevant yet most under-researched actors – ordinary Arab citizens.

In this regard, ERF will be holding a workshop on October 11-12 at Dauphine University in Paris. The objective of the workshop is to provide a platform for discussing the research papers and their findings among authors and experts in political economy in order to improve the final output.

Stay tuned and catch up on discussions and live updates by following us on @ERFlatest, ERF Blog and our YouTube channel.

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