The power of policy choice

The usefulness of the Jordan Labor Market Panel Survey continues to dwell into the characteristics of the local labor markets and provides a tool for analysing the behaviours of labor, entry and exit from job markets, and study the main indicators affecting labor trends, education, women’s participation,  job accessing and job mobility, and so on.

Making data available for the public is one key mission that ERF takes seriously.  ERF aims to provide researchers with free access to several types of harmonised micro data. These data sets are made accessible for free by the Economic Research Forum via the ERF Open Access Micro-Data Initiative to encourage the responsible us of those data sets.

The fact that this data is available and the analysis behind it in terms of knowledge and ideas produced makes it an attractive aspirant to policy uptake. This nature of the data allows policymakers to draw a comprehensive pictures of labor patterns in Jordan hence make better informed decisions. Omar Razzaz (King Abdullah II Fund for Development) argues that this data can enhance policy-based evidence decision-making.

Placing the data in the public domain is not solely made for the use of policymakers; it is made for everybody to share the same database. The general public is a significant stakeholder in this process as well. The database can help them be more aware of the policy issues that touches their daily lives, make better choices, understand the trade-offs of the labor market and most importantly, to create real pressures groups to push for policymakers to respond.

Having access to research based knowledge makes the public much harder to fool, and hence are empowered to make better decisions and exercise influence. Hence, bringing about positive change is not the exclusive responsibility of policymakers, but it also responsibility lies in the hands of the public to make smarter policy choices.

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