More on labor markets, but this time it is Jordan.

Following the launch of the Egyptian Labor Market Panel Survey (ELMPS), the Economic Research Forum, launches the newest edited volume of “The Jordanian Labor Market in the New Millennium”, edited by Dr. Ragui Assaad and published by Oxford University Press. The book volume provides an in-depth understanding of the Jordanian labor market issues based on the data analysis of the Jordan Labor Market Panel Survey of 2010.

The Jordanian Labor Market in the new Millennium


The ERF plans to organize a seminar in Amman Jordan to disseminate results of the survey on the 5th of June 2014. The seminar will comparatively tackle cross-cutting issues in both the Jordanian and Egyptian Labor markets, including labor market structure and dynamics in the two countries, gender issues in the labor market, a comparison of job accession, separation and mobility, and a comparison of labor supply and the role of the youth bulge.

Follow us on twitter #JLMPS for more live updates from the seminar. Also stay tuned for more stories on the blog capitalizing on distinguished speakers and eminent participants.

You can order the book online here.

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