The 2011 World Development Report: Conflict, Security and Development

Participants of the ERF 17th Annual Conference had today the opportunity to discuss finding of the 2011 World Development Report in the second plenary session of the event. World Bank’s Gary Milante presented the audience with a synopsis of the report, focusing on the motivations behind the choice of this years topic, and the recommendations that the report puts forward.

After the lively session and debate, we recorded this short video with Gary Mirante.

The 2011 edition of the WRD will be published in a couple of week from now. This year the report  focuses on the effect of violence on development. Today 1.5 billion people live in countries affected by violence: What are the effects of these situtions on economic and social development? And what remedies can be put in place? What’s the role of institutions?

According to Gary Milante, the ERF conference provided a unique opportunity to discuss about institutions and their effect on economic and political developments and how they can protect vulnerable people from the effects of violence .

3 thoughts on “The 2011 World Development Report: Conflict, Security and Development

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